Lawnmower Racing Tasmania

Build Regulations


1. Your build must be lawnmower based (no suspension). You can build a chassis to go under the mower panel work if you want or use the original mower chassis.
Recommended size steel to use for chassis building is 50 x 25 x 2.5mm. The finished mower MUST look like an identifiable domestic ride on.

2. Mower Decks must be removed. If the deck can't be removed then the blades and blade drive have to be removed.

3. Tyres are to be Lawnmower style, such as turf saver or Scorpion. Dirt kart tyres (Hoosier etc) can be used, NO ATV tyres. Front tyres must be fitted with tubes. Maximum diameter of rims is 10", no rim width restriction. Go Kart rims can be used.

4. Wheel track to be around 1100mm to the outside of the tyre. Wheelbase to be "roughly" a std ride on length (Around 1200mm front axle centre to rear axle centre, give or take 100mm either way). These measurements should be adhered to for current and future builds - ie: ALL ride on mowers MUST comply with these build measurements.

5. Brakes on rear axle only. These can be hydraulic or mechanical.

6. Mower must have a steering wheel (NO HANDLE BARS PERMITTED).

7. NO CAR ENGINES. Lawnmower/Stationary engine (30hp max) and Motorbike engines (900cc max) can be used. Bear in mind that mainland rules are set at 450cc maximum with motorbike engines. All engines are to be naturally aspirated.

8. Any lawnmower engine running ungoverned and/or modified MUST run a billet flywheel to avoid flywheel explosion.

9. If chain or shaft driven, these must be covered where the driver may be able to come in contact.

10. Exhaust can not be positioned where the driver is at risk of being easily burnt. The recommended position is under the mower.

11. Modified mowers must have a dead man/kill switch (mower turns off if rider falls off) like a lanyard style switch that is attached to the driver etc. No dead man/kill switch on the mower means no racing.

12. Projections of any kind are not permitted on the ride on mower. This includes raised or wide wings fitted to any point of the racing mower.

13. No axle or wheel mounting bolts may protrude beyond the face of the side-wall of the wheel.

14. ALL MOWERS MUST be safe and complete with all panels in place, no loose parts or bolts.

15. All participants MUST have a Fire Extinguisher with them at race meetings.

16. All riders MUST wear long sleeves, pants, boots and a full face helmet. Neck brace and gloves are recommended.

17. A tow hook on the front of your mower, not a necessity but it makes it a lot easier to get your mower back to the pits if breaks down at the other end of the track. Nudge bars and rear bumper bars are acceptable as they may also be used as tow points.

18. Mud flaps fitted to the rear of the mower to cover the width of the rear tyres is preferable to ensure reduction of flying debris which can cause damage.

19. Classes will be lap speed based depending on the number of participants on the day.

20. These regulations are set in place and will be reviewed as is necessary. 19/7/2020 Update

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