Lawnmower Racing Tasmania

Our Story So Far.

Lawnmower Racing Tasmania started in late 2017.

Since it has been running we have seen our sport slowly and steadily growing with more participants getting involved with every meet.
We are a pretty easy going bunch of people and we try not to take things too seriously.

As a group we have tried to make things as easy as possible for people to get involved. Our build regulations are not overly complex as we want the people who build their mowers to have a little bit of freedom in how they put their mowers together.

Our track is built to keep the lap times close so there is no clear advantage for the mowers with the bigger motorcycle engines.

As we have grown, we have built our own track maintenance equipment to keep the track in good condition for racing. We have regular working bees to keep all aspects of the track under control.

We now have a smudge for smoothing the track, a water filled roller and a water tanker to keep the dust down.

When we first started, all of us ran together. As time has gone on, we now break into grades/classes based on lap time. The fastest in the class starts from the back of the field. Sometimes they can be up to 3/4 of a lap behind at the start. We try to have everyone arriving at the end together after 5 laps. It makes for an exciting finish.

We are all learning as we go, I like to think that we are getting more and more skilled at this with every meeting we have.

Lawnmower Racing Tasmania also attends car shows with displays of the mowers to gain interest from the general public. They certainly attract attention. If you see us out there, pop over and say G'day.

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